Bliss Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Color :
Sadaf Wassan Cosmetic Bliss liners magically reduce the lash application time that is glue, latex and magnet free. They come in pigmented and transparent variations. The liners are wind, water and smudge proof and last for a whole day allowing multiple lash changes. The liners are super pigmented and have a precision tip that does not damage the natural lashes.

If you struggle to apply liner then use our transparent eyeliner. It allows a beginner to apply the lashes like a pro.

Note: Bliss liner pens are applicable for only strip eyelashes and not the magnetic lashes.

Before Use:

Please shake well before use. Make sure to perform a patch test to determine sensitivity to the product and product must not be used in case or rash or irritation. Direct contact with the eye should be avoided. Rinse immediately with water in case of eye contact.


Bliss liner application is extremely simple
Start at outer corner of the natural lash line edge.
Follow along the edge of the eye towards the inner corner of the natural lash line.
You can either use it as eyeliner or apply fake eyelashes over the eyeliner.

Hint: You can also choose and buy from a wide variety of Sadaf Wassan Cosmetics high quality, long lasting lashes.


Removal of the eyeliner is also extremely simple.

If you are wearing an eyelash, then start peeling at outer corner of the eyelash.
Slowly peel the lash towards the inner corner of the eye.
Clean the lashes with damp cloth. Dry and store them in the original packing for the next use.
In order to remove the eyeliner you can use makeup remover or coconut oil, preferably using cotton tips. As the liner is waterproof, hence please do not use water to remove the liner.

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