Game Changer Sponge

Color :

Sadaf Cosmetics introduces a revolutionary product that makes application of foundation extremely easy and saves time and product during application.
Its dual-layer microfiber creates an impermeable layer with tiny bristles that hinder the foundation from penetrating into the sponge itself and transfers the product on the skin flawlessly, while giving a silky texture and velvety finish. Game Changer Sponge has a smoothing effect on the the texture of the foundation and helps to conceal the dry patches giving an airbrush finish. Our sponge extends beyond the application of foundation and can also be used to apply the powders flawlessly.

Cleaning the sponge

Use a sulfate free shampoo and gently rub and apply the shampoo over the surface of the sponge. Next, squeeze the sponge from the front (not the sides, as it might damage the shape) while washing it under running water until all the foundation has been removed. After the foundation has been removed, there might be some stains left behind, which can be ignored.

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