Sadaf Wassan Cosmetic eyelashes are very easy to wear and can be reused over 20 times if cared for properly. With these lashes, you get a beautiful, natural, voluminous look effortlessly that makes your eyes look bigger and even more attractive. Our lashes are as per the highest standards and are cruelty free.


  1. Applying Sadaf Wassan Cosmetics eyelashes is very simple 3 step process
  2. Start at outer corner of the natural lash line edge.
  3. Align the eyelash edge with the lash line. Apply the eyelash and follow towards the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Press lightly on the eyelash edge to fasten the grip. Magnetic lashes only require proper alignment and do not need any pressure.

Note You can also buy Sadaf Wassan Cosmetics lash applicator, as it ensures to maintain the shape and quality of the eyelashes.


Removal of the eyelashes is also extremely simple.

  1. Start peeling at outer corner of the eyelash.
  2. Slowly peel towards the inner corner of the eye.
  3. Clean the lashes with damp cloth. Dry and store them in the original packing for the next use.
  4. Clean your eyes with makeup remover or coconut oil, preferably using cotton tips.

Hint: You can also buy Sadaf Wassan Cosmetics Liner and Quick Lash Applicator for easy lash application and long lasting experience.

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